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Established by Jonathan Scott in 2015, our consultancy specializes in providing expert GIS services tailored specifically to the energy sectors and tectonic science. We assist organizations in effectively managing, analyzing, and interpreting their spatial data to enhance decision-making and mitigate tectonic risks. Leveraging state-of-the-art Geographic Information Systems (GIS), we offer bespoke solutions that address the unique challenges of both renewable and non-renewable energy industries, as well as the complexities surrounding tectonic hazards. Our approach integrates advanced geospatial technologies with deep industry insights, ensuring that clients can optimize their GIS operations and understand their operational landscapes more comprehensively.

Our globally diverse team combines extensive industry knowledge with technical expertise, delivering customized strategies, innovative software solutions, and dedicated support to meet the specific needs of our clients. This commitment to innovation and client service has established us as leaders in the field, fostering long-term partnerships based on trust, reliability, and shared success. With our focus on continuous improvement and a global perspective, we are dedicated to helping our clients in the energy and tectonic sectors achieve greater efficiency, safety, and sustainability in their GIS practices.

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Kang Min-Ho - Geospatial Cyber Security Analyst

Kang Min-Ho, our Geospatial Cyber Security Analyst from South Korea, brings a wealth of expertise in protecting geospatial data and systems from cyber threats. With a background in computer science and specialized training in cybersecurity, Min-Ho specializes in safeguarding sensitive geospatial information against unauthorized access, data breaches, and cyber attacks. His experience includes developing and implementing robust security protocols, conducting vulnerability assessments, and ensuring compliance with industry regulations. Min-Ho's proactive approach to cybersecurity helps our clients maintain the integrity and confidentiality of their geospatial assets, essential for maintaining trust and reliability in their operations. His dedication to staying abreast of the latest cybersecurity trends and technologies ensures that our consultancy remains at the forefront of geospatial data protection.

Kim Jong-Soo - Geospatial Data Manager

Kim Jong-Soo, our Geospatial Data Manager from South Korea, plays a pivotal role in overseeing the organization, integration, and quality control of geospatial data assets. With a background in geomatics and extensive experience in data management, Jong-Soo specializes in developing strategies for optimizing the collection, storage, and utilization of geospatial data. His expertise includes implementing data governance frameworks, establishing data standards, and leveraging advanced data management technologies to ensure data integrity and accessibility. Jong-Soo's meticulous approach to data management helps our clients derive maximum value from their geospatial datasets, enabling informed decision-making and driving operational efficiency. His commitment to maintaining high standards of data quality and reliability reinforces our consultancy's reputation for delivering accurate and actionable geospatial intelligence.

Mei Wong - GIS Urban Planning Specialist

Mei Wong, our GIS Urban Planning Specialist from China, adds an essential dimension to our urban development projects. With a master's degree and pHD in urban planning and a rich background in sustainable city development, Mei specializes in using GIS technologies to design, analyze, and implement effective urban planning strategies. Her work primarily focuses on integrating spatial analysis and urban planning principles to address the rapid urbanization challenges faced by many cities in China and beyond. Mei's ability to synthesize geospatial data with urban design principles has led to smarter, more sustainable city layouts, improved public transportation systems, and better resource allocation. Her commitment to enhancing the livability and sustainability of urban environments, combined with her deep understanding of Chinese urban dynamics, makes her a critical asset to our consultancy and our clients aiming for innovative urban solutions.

Yun-Hua Chen - GIS Data Scientist

Yun-Hua Chen, a dedicated GIS Data Scientist from Taiwan, has revolutionized our approach to geospatial analytics. With a background in statistics and computer science, Yun-Hua specializes in leveraging big data to uncover patterns, trends, and insights within the GIS realm. Her expertise in machine learning and predictive modeling has been instrumental in developing risk assessment tools and optimization algorithms for energy distribution networks. Yun-Hua's innovative approaches to spatial data analysis have greatly enhanced our clients' strategic planning and operational efficiency. Her commitment to data-driven decision-making and her knack for turning complex datasets into actionable intelligence have made her an indispensable part of our team.

Hiroshi Nakamura - GIS Consultant

Hiroshi Nakamura brings specialized experience in GIS consulting, particularly in the energy sector, from his native Japan. He has an in-depth understanding of the industry's specific needs and regulatory frameworks, crucial for navigating complex energy landscapes. Hiroshi is adept in spatial data analysis, transforming extensive geographical information into actionable business strategies. His skills extend to effective asset management and optimization, ensuring resources are utilized efficiently. In environmental impact assessments, he meticulously evaluates project sustainability and compliance with environmental standards. Hiroshi's attention to detail and project management capabilities ensure that GIS operations are fully integrated with clients' business objectives, enhancing decision-making and operational efficiency. His ability to deliver customized GIS solutions meets specific client challenges, making him an invaluable asset. Hiroshi's strategic approach not only addresses immediate needs but also facilitates long-term sustainability and growth in the energy sector.

Ji-hye Park - GIS Analyst

Ji-hye Park, hailing from South Korea, is a skilled GIS analyst focused on tectonic hazards and disaster management. Her expertise in spatial analysis techniques allows her to effectively map and model tectonic plate margins, fault lines, and seismic activity. Ji-hye's proficiency with GIS software and her interpretative skills enhance our clients' ability to understand and mitigate tectonic risks. Her work is crucial in preparing for and responding to natural disasters, providing valuable insights into seismic threats. Her analytical abilities help in devising strategic responses to reduce potential damage and ensure public safety. Ji-hye's contributions are vital in helping clients develop more resilient infrastructure and emergency response strategies. Her passion and technical skills make her a key asset in our efforts to address geospatial challenges related to tectonic phenomena. Her role is instrumental in advancing our understanding of seismic risks and improving disaster preparedness.

Dmitry Ivanov - GIS Developer

Dmitry, hailing from Russia, is a key GIS developer known for pioneering innovative software solutions. His expertise in coding, scripting, and developing GIS software enables him to craft custom tools and applications that cater precisely to client requirements. Dmitry's knack for streamlining data workflows, automating processes, and system integration significantly boosts operational efficiency and effectiveness. His contributions are essential in enhancing the usability and functionality of GIS technologies, making complex data more accessible and actionable for clients. His innovative approach to development ensures that our GIS operations stay ahead of technological curves. Dmitry's work directly impacts our ability to deliver tailored, high-performance GIS solutions. His skills not only meet but often exceed client expectations, establishing new standards in GIS application development. Dmitry's role is vital in maintaining our position as leaders in providing advanced GIS solutions.

Gabriela Silva - GIS Project Manager

Gabriela, from Brazil, is an expert GIS project manager with significant experience in the energy sector. Her exceptional leadership and deep knowledge of project management principles enable her to successfully coordinate teams and manage client relationships. Gabriela is adept at ensuring GIS projects are completed on schedule and within budget constraints. Her strong communication skills facilitate seamless project execution and enhance client satisfaction. She excels in strategic planning, which is crucial for the successful delivery of complex GIS initiatives. Gabriela's ability to align team efforts with project goals is key to maintaining high standards of quality and efficiency. Her contributions are instrumental in sustaining our consultancy's reputation for excellence in GIS services. Gabriela's role is essential in driving the successful completion of GIS projects, ensuring they meet or exceed client expectations.

Aisha Al-Mansoori - GIS Specialist

Aisha Al-Mansoori, a proficient GIS specialist from the United Arab Emirates, contributes significant regional expertise to our team. She stands out in addressing the unique geospatial challenges of the region, providing customized GIS solutions to our clients. Aisha's mastery of GIS software and advanced analytical techniques results in precise analysis and deep insights. Her skill in melding technical know-how with local demands ensures that our services are both relevant and effective. Aisha is dedicated to delivering outstanding client service, which has been fundamental in establishing enduring trust and collaborative partnerships. Her attention to detail and commitment to quality enhance our consultancy's offerings. Aisha's role is critical in ensuring our GIS solutions are not only strategic but also culturally and geographically informed. Her contributions are vital in maintaining our reputation for excellence and client satisfaction in the Middle East.

Jonathan Scott - Founder & Principal Consultant

Jonathan Scott, the founder and principal consultant of our GIS consultancy, offers vast experience and visionary leadership. Originating from Scotland and operating out of Singapore, he is an authority in GIS strategy, particularly in the energy sector, covering both renewable and non-renewable resources. His profound grasp of client-specific challenges allows him to tailor innovative solutions that utilize geospatial technology to improve operations and decision-making processes. Jonathan's dedication to excellence and lifelong learning has established him as a dependable advisor and leader. His influence extends beyond project success, as he cultivates a culture of growth and innovation within our team. Jonathan’s strategic foresight and client-focused approach have been instrumental in positioning our consultancy at the industry's vanguard. His leadership not only advances our clients' goals but also drives the continuous development of our consultancy. Jonathan's role is crucial in maintaining our reputation for delivering top-tier GIS solutions and advisory services.

Our GIS consultancy team brings a diverse and specialized set of skills, effectively addressing a wide range of geospatial challenges across various sectors. 

Our GIS consultancy team brings a diverse and specialized set of skills, effectively addressing a wide range of geospatial challenges across various sectors. Mei Wong enhances our urban planning projects with her expertise in sustainable city development, improving public transportation and resource allocation. Yun-Hua Chen revolutionizes our approach to geospatial analytics, utilizing big data for enhanced strategic planning. Hiroshi Nakamura provides tailored GIS solutions in the energy sector, optimizing asset management and ensuring sustainability. 

Ji-hye Park focuses on tectonic hazards, improving our clients' disaster preparedness with her seismic risk analyses. Dmitry Ivanov's innovative software solutions increase operational efficiency and accessibility of complex GIS data. Gabriela Silva leads our project management, ensuring projects meet client expectations while maintaining high quality and efficiency. Aisha Al-Mansoori brings regional insights, offering customized solutions that address the unique challenges of the Middle East. Kang Min-Ho safeguards our geospatial data with his expertise in cyber security, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of our clients' information. Kim Jong-Soo oversees the organization, integration, and quality control of our geospatial data assets, optimizing data management strategies for maximum value and reliability. 

Lastly, Jonathan Scott, our founder, guides the team with his strategic vision and leadership, driving growth and fostering a culture of innovation. Together, our team is equipped to deliver comprehensive, cutting-edge GIS services that meet diverse client needs and advance the field of geospatial analysis.

Together, our team is equipped to deliver comprehensive, cutting-edge GIS services that meet diverse client needs and advance the field of geospatial analysis.